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Üraippu Shrimp

Janahan Sivaraman
Janahan Sivaraman
2 min read
Üraippu Shrimp
வீச்சு ரொட்டியும் ஊரைப்பு இறாலும். ஓரு நல்ல ஜோடி

Years ago, I ordered these fancy ass sauces from @kitchenguerilla on Instagram.

Spicy Jerk, Üraippu, and Jaffna Curry Paste. 3 of 10 I bought.

I wanted to pair uraippu sauce with shrimp.

Since I didn’t see that pairing on his recipe highlights, I DMed him about it.

To my surprise, he responded!

This is your sign to send that DM!

After making this 10+ times, I'm ready to share this recipe with you!


I use a wok for cooking this.



  1. Raw, deveined, tail-on shrimp - 2 lbs (908g)
    • Tail-off works fine too
    • I buy the raw 31/40 cleaned & deveined shrimp, tail-on in the 2lb pack from Aqua Best on Grand Street.
    • I remove the tails because the crunch doesn't pair well on this dish
    • I don’t throw the tails away, I freeze them. I’ll make a 45 minute shrimp stock with them.
    • I wash my shrimps thoroughly and pat them dry dry with paper towels.
  2. Avocado oil - 1 TBSP (14g)
  3. White onion, cut into half moons - 1/2
    • When these cook down, they’ll add a caramelized onion type texture to the dish.
  4. Uraippu Sauce - 6 TBSP
  5. Ketchup - 2 TBSP
  6. Butter - 1 TBSP
  7. Lemon Juice - 1/8 of a lemon's worth
  8. Sea Salt - 5g
    • As a general rule, I add 5g of sea salt per 1 lb of meat. But in this case, there's some salt in the üraippu sauce so I reduced it.

The Cook

  1. Heat on medium-high
  2. Pour in the avocado oil
  3. Add the onion, turn heat down to medium low
    • Let this go for 10 minutes, until onions transcluent
  4. Turn heat back up to medium high
  5. Add the shrimp to the pan
  6. Cook shrimp to 75% done, about 5-7 minutes
  7. Add the üraippu sauce
    • üraippu means spicy in Tamil. The sauce has a blent of warming spices and fiery habanero
    • Keep adding until it's a deep red, almost brown color
  8. Add a couple squirts of ketchup
    • The sweetness in the ketchup balances the üraippu sauce beautifully
  9. Once it thickens a bit, turn off the heat. Remove the wok from the stove.
  10. Add the butter and mix mix
    • This will gloss up your sauce. Adds unctousness
  11. Squeeze in the lemon juice
    • This brightens the early part of the bite

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