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Nice to meet y'all on the internet - I'm Janahan Sivaraman from New York City.

3 things about me:
I love making, eating, and critiquing food.
I want to help you grow your career in Tech.
I learned my mother tongue, Tamil, in my 30s.

3 things I'm working on:
My vertical leap
My weekly newsletter; TTT Newsletter
Learning Tamil and Spanish "by ear" with the Mimic Method.

3 things I've worked on:
I founded a Forensic Finance company in 2016 named Quotail
I created an app for learning Tamil in 2021 named TamilApp
I shot 2 seasons of a cooking show in 2018 named JanahanEats

Please reach out to me on Twitter if you want to get in touch.
Would love to hear from you :)