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Mango Lassi

Janahan Sivaraman
Janahan Sivaraman
1 min read
Mango Lassi
mango + raspberry lassi is perfect for the hot months

Sometimes it's too hot and you want something sweet.
The green cardomum changes the aroma game.
The stevia makes it sweeter than an "equivalent" amount of sugar.

This one is dialed in. Sometimes I swap 14g of mango for strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, or peach. This will influence the aroma and color, slightly.

It's critical to keep 90% (126g) of the fruit as mango for the body of the lassi.


Item Weight(g) Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbohydrates(g)
0% Greek Yogurt 270 27 0 11
Mango 140 1 .5 21
Total - 28 .5 32

(28g * 4 cal/g) + (.5 * 9 cal/g) + (32 * 4 cal/g) =
250 calories total.

The water, green cardomum, stevia, and salt have no macronutrients.


  1. Add just enough water to cover blades in a blender
  2. Add the frozen mango (optionally 14g of another fruit)
  3. Add 1 green cardomum
  4. Add 1 packet of stevia
  5. Add a tiny bit of salt
  6. Add the yogurt
  7. Blend until smooth



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