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Idiyappam / இடியப்பம்

Janahan Sivaraman
Janahan Sivaraman
1 min read
Idiyappam / இடியப்பம்
Elite plate - Idiyappam, white cassava curry, and dry shrimp curry.

You're craving idiyappam and I'm in Arkansas for work.
So I made this video for you.

Grab the steamer.

It's next to the food mixer I make pizza with.
All the way in the back left on the first shelf.

Remove the 2 steam levels from the steamer.

Put the lid on the lowest level. Turn the heat to almost max.

Heat 500ml of water in the kettle. You won't use all of it.
In a glass bowl, weigh 86g red rice flour. It's on the top shelf in the pantry.
Then 86g thai rice flour. It's on the top shelf too.
1 grind of sea salt.
Add a bit of boiled water at a time. Mix it til incorporated before adding the next batch
Once it looks like this, cover it in a wet towel. Otherwise it'll get dry and difficult to extrude.

Oil the thattus. It'll prevent the idiyappam from sticking.

Soak the idyappam ural.
It's in the see through plastic box next to the pantry
Like 3 seconds under the sink all sides.
It's 40 years old and it could break otherwise.

Use a butter knife to fill the ural.
Grab the ural with one overhand and one underhand grip.
Extrude in a circular fashion around the thattu
1 fill = 1 idiyappam

Gently arrange 6 thattus in each steam level.
I steam each level for 10 minutes.

Remove the level the steamer.
Turn the thattus upside down into a glass dish.

For an elite plate - pair this with white cassava curry, dry shrimp curry, and coconut sambal

Send me a picture when you're done. I can't wait to see <3


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