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Fancy Lunchables

Janahan Sivaraman
Janahan Sivaraman
1 min read

I eat these during the work day generally.
It doesn't need to be heated up.
Perfect to pack if you're going somewhere.

Sometimes I don't have the energy to cook.
Sometimes it's too hot to cook.
Sometimes I want to eat straight out the fridge.

Here are my favorite combinations <3

Prosciutto and Brie

Inspired by all the memorable sandwiches I had in Italy on that pizza bianca bread.

Item Weight(g) Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbohydrates(g)
Water Crackers 30 2 3 24
Proscuitto 156 36 24 0
Brie 28 6 8 0
Total - 44 35 24

(44g * 4 cal/g) + (35 * 9 cal/g) + (24 * 4 cal/g) =

587 calories

Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese

Inspired by chicken wings I routinely order at a bar.
I buy the oven-roasted sliced chicken from the grocery store and dip it in Frank's Buffalo Wing sauce.

Item Weight(g) Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbohydrates(g)
Water Crackers 30 2 3 24
Deli chicken 100 22 3 2
Blue Cheese 56 12 16 0
Total - 36 22 26

(36g * 4 cal/g) + (22 * 9 cal/g) + (26 * 4 cal/g) =

446 calories

Bresaola and Parmesan

Inspired by memorable sandwiches I buy from Italian American shops in New York

Ham and Swiss

Inspired by the sandwich my Appa used to make every Saturday after Karate.

Turkey and Provolone

Oven Roasted Chicken and Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Smoked Salmon and Chevre Goat Cheese

Inspired by what I order at Russ & Daughters.


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