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TTT 18: How to Add Value

Janahan Sivaraman
Janahan Sivaraman
2 min read
TTT 18: How to Add Value
I rode my bike to the George Washington Bridge this week. I was surprised how beautifully lit the underside of the bridge was!

Hi friends,
இரவு வணக்கம் (iravu vaNakkam), Buenas Noches, and Good Evening from New York City!

Thing I did

I wrote the first in a series on How to Add Value: Reduce Urgent Pages.

Our slogan at work is to “Add Value, then Make Noise”. We already covered how to make noise with Brag Doc and How To Ask for a Raise.

There are a ton of ways to add value at work. I’ll be sharing what has worked for me in my career. Hopefully it will inspire you to find these dope opportunities.

If you'd like to add more value at your job, reply to this email and let’s find a time to connect :)

Tweet I loved

I found this helpful to give me focus this week.

This framework was so helpful for me writing the blog post this week.

At first, I tried to write a massive blog post on “How To Add Value”. It felt like trying to boil the ocean. I quickly realized that it had to be broken into parts.

So the topic focused on one way to add value - by reducing urgent pages.

The who was for people who want to add value but aren’t sure how - like me 5 years ago.

So that they can grow their careers faster.

Thought I had

Just because we can live alone doesn’t mean we should.

Over the last decade, I’ve ruthlessly prioritized my career over everything. It has given me the freedom to live alone in NYC. I’d always dreamed about getting to where I am now.

But now that I’m here it feels like something is missing.

I work on the internet. I socialize on the internet. I learn on the internet.

I didn’t even realize that many days I don’t even talk to another human in real life.

Humans need humans.

I am embarrassed it took me this long to realize. To mitigate this, I’ve started going more frequently to the corner store and coffee shop to shoot the shit with shopkeepers. Luckily, many of them also speak Spanish so I get to practice - a bonafide 2 for 1.

Since I work from home now, I have to be more intentional about speaking with others in real life.

I’m confident I’ll figure it out and I’ll share whatever I learned along the way :)

I'd love to hear any feelings you felt while reading this and until next time - be easy.


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