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TTT 13: Feeling Lucky

Janahan Sivaraman
Janahan Sivaraman
2 min read
TTT 13: Feeling Lucky
This is the wheel side of the non-car path over the Williamsburg Bridge. East Midtown Manhattan and western Queens in the background.

Hi friends,
இரவு வணக்கம் (iravu vaNakkam), Buenas Noches, and Good Evening from New York  City - let's get into it!

Thing I did

As promised, I wrote an essay on software things!

It’s called “Brag Docs: Why and How”. This is the first in a series aimed at taking your career to the next level. I wholeheartedly believe in my soul that most people at your job are overworked and underpaid.

In business, there is no fair. Only a sliding scale between employer benevolence and your leverage.

If you don't want to depend on your employer's benevolence, you need to maximize your leverage

Brag docs are the first step to gaining that leverage.

Tweet I loved

I am currently applying this advice to create content for

  1. Tamil
  2. Mimic Method Spanish
  3. Career advice for industry software engineers

It finally clicked this week, “Share your secrets, sell the implementation”.

  1. For Tamil, I finally recorded a Facetime video with Giri Mami. But I forgot to enable the microphone :face_palm:. This will become the raw content for highlights, lowlights, and learnings.
  2. For Mimic Method Spanish, that’s recording my next Spanish class on my phone. This will be the correct aspect ratio to edit into a Tiktok video for content. I am working with two different teachers and recording the class. I review it within 48 hours to list the new words, phrases, and conjugations. We then use this list to practice similar situations in the next class to graduate from sufficient to smooth in those situations.
  3. For Software, that’s prioritizing writing essays about how to get to the next level and get paid. Then turning those into threads to give more to Twitter, grow that audience, and grow this newsletter.

If you’d like to connect about your specific software career stuff, feel free to reply to this email and we’ll find a time to chat!

Thought I had

I feel super lucky and fortunate this week.

I got to connect with Idahosa (creator of the Mimic Method) to discuss how I will onboard colloquial Ilankai** Tamil to the Mimic Method.

We aligned on an approach to getting the first Tamil resources up on his site!

I will share in next week’s edition the procedure I followed, the learnings, and the artifacts produced.

This is an exciting moment for colloquial Ilankai Tamil. The resources are hard to come by. I’m so proud to create the resources I wish younger me had.

As someone learning Tamil as a third language, I’m excited to share my perspective.

If you ever wanted to learn Tamil, there is hope - I got you. We got this.

I'd love to hear any feelings you felt while reading this and until next time - be easy.


P.S. If you enjoyed this newsletter, feel free to forward this email to your people or share this link. It'll encourage me to keep writing!

** = Ilankai is the Tamil word for Sri Lanka.


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