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TTT 1: Hi Friends!

Janahan Sivaraman
Janahan Sivaraman
1 min read

Hi Team,

Welcome the first edition of TTT (TripT) newsletter. I'll be sharing one thing I did, one tweet I loved, and one thought I had this past week.

Thing I did

Today is my last class of Write of Passage. Without this, I probably would not have started a blog and you definitely wouldn't be getting this newsletter.

I learned about how to be a "Citizen of the Internet"; how consistently publishing is like broadcasting your own radio station - people will tune in!

Tweet I loved

What I loved about this tweet was that it emphasizes the value of building in public. When you're ready to launch your solution, you will have built a loyal following primed for your solution.

Thought I had

I've spent the last 2 years working diligently on learning Tamil. Learning a language while not being immersed made it easier to focus on the formal version.

While helpful, ultimately, my "why" for learning Tamil was to become fluent speaking with my Amma (before she forgets English, something that happened to her mother in her later years).
While the formal and colloquial form of a language have overlap, I find that I grasp significantly less when listening to the colloquial form.

To fill this gap, I am embarking on a new endeavor to fill in the gap between formal and colloquial Tamil.

If you want more details on the how, I will be producing vlogs @janahan888 on IG and Tiktok.
If you know of any listening resources for colloquial, Northern Province SL Tamil, please do send it my way.

And lastly, if you have 2 seconds, I'd love to hear what's going on with your world. Simply reply to this email.

Otherwise, get some rest and I'll talk to you soon :)



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